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customer relationship management software for performing arts companies



Our datamuse product was developed in Australia and increases the efficiency and revenue generating abilities of performing arts companies.

datamuse is a web based data management software system designed to manage company's stakeholders, linking them to events, donations, ticket purchases and marketing campaigns. The system creates and maintains a history of the company's events and stakeholder relationships. This rich data bank may be mined to increase your company's ability to tap its niche markets and maintain organisational relationships.

datamuse provides arts workers with a customer focused, user friendly way to manage the work flows and data between artistic, marketing, fundraising and operational staff.

The software assists in the management, reporting and use of commonly used data, including data on memberships, prospects, sales, donations, events and programmes by providing a range of user friendly interfaces to enter, classify, maintain and report organisational information.

datamuse improves productivity throughout the organisation by reducing data entry through the use of a common data store, providing systematic flows of data through the organisation and tools for staff to carry out common work tasks.

Current datamuse features sets include:


Data mine and utilise a comprehensive set of historical sales data. While datamuse is not a ticketing system it accepts ticketing data as a valuable source of transactional data about the customer. Most ticketing data needs to undergo some form of cleaning before it is loaded into the datamuse system.

artadata software provides a number of add-on services to support datamuse including the transformation, cleaning and bulk loading of data from ticketing agencies and existing corporate data sources.

subscription sales screen
subscription sales screen

Customer correspondence

person correspondence screen
person correspondence screen

Fundraising campaign management including issuing ask letters, processing donations, issuing acknowledgement receipts and reporting to the register of cultural charities.

person donation screen
person donation screen

Invitation management including invitation production, RSVP management, historical records of accepts, declines and no shows.

event invitations screen
invitation management screen

event invitation report
invitation report

Tour management, including hotel, flight, personnel and carnet management.

tour accommodation screen
tour accommodation screen

Asset management

datamuse asset screen
asset screen

Event management including Works to be performed, Artists performing, Subscription series packaging, Ticket Prices and Booking Methods. This information can then be used to display Events on external web sites, planning for future events, historical reporting, etc.

datamuse event screen
event screen

program works screen
program's works screen

Support & Training

artadata software provides an expert datamuse user for initial user training and ongoing user support.

Data Migration

If required, artadata software can provide data migration services from a variety of legacy systems.


The system is designed using the latest Microsoft .net technologies to ensure scalability, robustness, reliability and longevity.

The system's architecture, built with .net technology and utilising SQL server, ensures that your data investment is not on a declining or obscure technology platform.

Web-based applications have grown in popularity due to increased familiarity with web browsing, ease of maintenance and the growing supply of tools to build such applications. Web-based applications are now the fastest growing technology used in the software development market.

Hardware and Software Requirements

The datamuse software is provided as an online subscription service from our hosting partner, Web Central, Australia's largest web and application hosting provider.

You may access the online datamuse application through your web browser anywhere and anytime you can connect to the Internet.

Downloadable reports in Word and PDF formats are provided as well as data sets in Excel format.

Further Information

If your organisation is interested in subscribing to the datamuse software - contact us at artadata software by emailing for a detailed information pack.

The detailed information pack includes a full list of the system features, real-world screen shots and report examples, and a detailed breakdown of the fees associated with subscribing.


September 2011
Corporate sponsorship prospecting and tracking module goes live.


May 2011
datamuse selected by Brink Productions as their preferred CRM system.


December 2010
datamerge application integrated with the datamuse product. datamerge provides staff with the ability to dynamically identify and merge any duplicate entries in your database.


August 2010
artadata software reprices datamuse to take into account an organisation's annual expenses, opening the way for smaller performing arts organisations and production companies to utilise the software.


July 2010
The online subscription version of datamuse becomes available providing staff with a variety of access levels to their CRM information whether in the office, on site or anywhere else via the internet, removing the requirement for subscribers to load specialised software onto their own servers and thus lowering the subscriber's Information Technology risks and costs.


June 2010
artadata software signs with Australia's largest web and application hosting provider, WebCentral, to host datamuse online.


May 2010
artadata software partners with Microsoft and NewLease to provide the latest database and server technologies.


September 2008
datamuse selected by Adelaide Symphony Orchestra as their preferred CRM system.


August 2007
Group Booking engine added to datamuse to enable bookings from School groups and other Organisations for General Admission to In-house Events. Software Module includes confirmation and reminder letters, as well as, receipting and banking features to ease the administration tasks associated with these types of events.


February 2007
artadata software prepares telemarketing data from datamuse as part of the 2007 direct marketing campaign to acquire new subscribers for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Call sheets are produced detailing all past single night sales, subscriptions and requests for Marketing materials for each prospect to assist in the one-to-one telemarketing pitch.


January 2007
artadata software prepares prospect data from datamuse for direct marketing campaign to acquire new subscribers for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.


January 2007
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra embarks on their European tour with the assistance of datamuse's tour management module.


December 2006
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra re-launches their web site with datamuse supplying all the Concert information in the "What's On" section of the site.


November 2006
datamuse goes live at Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.


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